Product Name : TX Coil(A5)
Product Description

1. The coils dimension and electrical specifications qualifying WPC/QI standards and meet UL certification with high performance and strict specifications.
2. Competitive price and highly quality of coils.
3. Taiwan & china plant are also have a great capacity in production.
4. Great configuration with a prefect array/no jumpers of coils.

Specs of Coils:
1. The primary coil has a circular shape and consists of one layer of type 1 litz wire having a total 105 strands of no. 40 AWG (0.08 mm diameter).
2. Inner Diameter(ID):20.5mm+/-0.5mm
3. Outer Diameter(OD):44.0mm+/-1.5mm
4. Thickness(TH):2.1mm+/-0.5mm
5. Turns(Ts):10Turns